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Scarring is a common part of the healing process. It is characterized by the replacement of normal skin with fibrous tissue. It might happen after an accident, an illness, or a surgical operation. Scars can be disfiguring regardless of the cause because they stand out against the rest of the skin.

The scar will always be present when the body attempts to heal the wound, but the characteristics of the scar depend on the type of wound and how it is managed; therefore, good wound care by a specialist is essential in getting a good scar, and meticulous surgical wound closure will aid in achieving a fine thin line scar.

Scar revision surgery can help you restore confidence by improving the look of your scars both physically and functionally.

Scar Removal Techniques

Depending on the type of scar, scar treatment can be done either surgically or non-surgically. To determine which surgery is best for you, you must consult with your doctor.

Here are a few potential choices:

Gel Silicone Sheets

Silicone gel sheets are thin, pliable, and soft sheets that are applied directly over scars. Although the therapy takes 4-6 months, some silicone in these sheets helps to flatten hypertrophic and keloid scars.

Scar cream

While silicone gel sheets generate compressive force, silicone gels are also available and may be applied. However, they do not.


Removing the top layers of the skin, this technique helps to smooth out surface imperfections such as deep lines or scars. The resulting bare region might be left alone to heal naturally or skin grafted.

Skin Resurfacing with Laser

Scar resurfacing using a fractional CO2 laser is popular. This laser eliminates the uppermost layers of skin, allowing for the formation of new, smooth skin.

Skin Transplants

Skin from another region of the body is used in this process and is put over the wounded location. Grafts are not always visually attractive because the grafted skin may not match the colour or texture of the surrounding skin.

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