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One of the most prominent characteristics of the face is an ear with the perfect size and shape. The typical ear form is elegant and delicate, with the expected folds and wrinkles. Some people are born with enormous or projecting ears that seem excessively large or protrude out, which may have an impact on their confidence level and look. A lot of people also find it uncomfortable if their ears hang or stick out far from the skull. Therefore, otoplasty or corrective ear surgery is an option at our Clinic for those whose ears are not the optimum size, shape, or location.

The surgical process known as otoplasty, sometimes known as “ear surgery,” aims to reconstruct malformed or scarred ears, enhancing the size and proportion of the auditory organ. It is also frequently referred to as “ear pinning.” In addition to congenital deformities, the procedure also corrects misshapen ears brought on by trauma or slowly developing hereditary illnesses. This ingenious procedure gives the ears a natural contour, creating facial symmetry. It enhances your physical look while also boosting your psychological well-being by raising your sense of worth and self-confidence. Otoplasty mostly treats three general conditions:

  • Macrotia, the word used in medicine for unusually enormous ears
  • Several people get droopy or split earlobes as they age.
  • Ears with a top fold known as a lop ear. Despite making one appear terrible, it does not affect hearing.


For comfort, your doctor will either give you general anesthesia or local sedatives. Typically, the procedure lasts between two and four hours. Earlobe reconditioning, however, takes less time than a complete Otoplasty treatment. To hide those aberrant lesions, your doctor will create incisions on the back of the ear. If a front incision is required, it is carefully performed behind the fold to minimize visibility. The newly formed cartilage is repositioned using non-removable sutures. The wounds are stitched up on the outside. Over time, the skin spontaneously tightens, and the scars blend in with the skin folds.

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