Moles and Wart Removal

Melanocytic nevi, often known as moles, are tiny, frequently slightly elevated skin lesions that are fairly black in colour due to the high concentration of melanin within them. These are not usually attractive but are occasionally seen as “beauty marks,” especially when located in women’s cheeks. Depending on their degree of origin and depth, moles are classified as epidermal, junctional/mixed, or intradermal nevi. Warts are tiny, round or oval skin growths that are often painless and are brought on by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Typically, they can be found on the hands, feet, face, forehead, and genital regions. Although normally painless, they can occasionally itch or sting, and they can be humiliating and disfiguring (particularly on the feet).

Additionally, warts often move from one bodily region to another and spread locally. Cutting, ripping, or picking at a wart is not advised.At AK Aesthetics, we provide you with a successful treatment for both of these skin issues. We make sure you leave with clear, healthy skin free of warts and moles.Depending on the degree of origin of the mole, radiofrequency, laser, or shave excision techniques are used to treat it in a single session. Additionally, warts are burned and cured using the radiofrequency ablation procedure. Warts have a propensity to come back, necessitating further treatments.

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