Hair Restoration Surgeries

Hair Restoration Surgeries in Greater Noida @ AKS Aesthetic
Hair Restoration Surgeries in Greater Noida @ AKS Aesthetic

Baldness may be quite upsetting for anybody, and if it occurs at a young age, it can hurt your confidence. Hair loss can affect both men and women, although it is more frequent in men.

Androgenic alopecia, which is inherited, is one of the most prevalent causes of hair loss in males. Trauma, chemotherapy, scalp infections, medical disorders, and stress are some of the other causes.

Hair treatment may be divided into two categories:

  • Hair loss prevention
  • Hair restoration surgery Preventive therapy

Hair transplant techniques

FUT (Follicular unit transplant)

 A strip of hair is removed from the back of your scalp and then little slices of that strip are created under a microscope, and each follicle is clipped and separated. The donor site was closed using a specific trichophytic closure method, which leaves a very thin and delicate scar and allows hair to regenerate through the scar, resulting in an almost undetectable scar. The benefit of this approach is that we extract a big number of hair follicles with a higher yield, and the possibilities of harm to hair roots are low because follicle harvesting is done under vision.

Hair transplantation 

Hair transplant surgery involves harvesting the patient’s hair from the rear of the scalp and placing it in the bald region over the front and sides of the head. Individuals with persistent hair loss, receding hair lines, and medically fit patients whose hair loss has become stable are eligible for a hair transplant.

FUE (Follicular unit extraction)

 The donor region on the back of your scalp is designated and shaved in this operation. The motorized punch is now utilized to core out individual hair follicular units while leaving normal hair in between. Though this treatment is promoted as scar-free, there are several punch holes present that progressively heal but may leave minor multiple scars.

If the bald region is extensive, it may be essential to combine FUT and FUE to obtain a higher number of follicles. It may be essential to harvest follicles from the beard and neck region on occasion.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

This method can be used to prevent hair loss as well as additional therapy after a hair transplant to improve the development of transplanted hairs. In this technique, the patient’s blood is drawn and processed to produce platelet-rich plasma, which is then injected into the afflicted area of the scalp after it has been numbed. This PRP contains several growth factors that aid in the prevention of hair loss, the improvement of hair thickness, and the development of hair follicles.

It is a quick process that may be done on an as-needed basis. Multiple sittings are necessary to achieve good results.

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