Lip Enhancement

A cosmetic treatment called lip augmentation may give you bigger, more sensuous, plumper lips, which are now thought to be visually pleasing. Having bigger lips may make those with thin lips happy and improve the appearance of the overall face.

Who needs this?

Both medical and aesthetic factors can be taken into consideration when considering lip-reducing plastic surgery with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Many lip reduction treatments for aesthetics or to repair prior surgeries may be carried out easily and successfully typically as outpatient procedures, even though lip problems impacting everyday function (such as wide lips or severe lip deformity) may require more comprehensive intervention.

What outcomes are possible with lip reduction procedures?

The majority of methods to shrink lips are surgical and have long-lasting effects. As with any surgery, one can anticipate a few weeks of recuperation time, activity restrictions, and even temporary dietary changes.

When should you think about having your lips reduced?

If a candidate is in otherwise excellent condition, can stop smoking around the time of the treatment, and is ready for the associated recuperation, cosmetic lip reductions can be done electively at any time.

Why should you think about reducing your lips?

By eliminating extra tissue, improving prior augmentations, and, in rare instances, treating medical diseases, reduction procedures can improve the natural look.Anyone who wants to enhance their natural features and facial symmetry may want to think about having their lips reduced.

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