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By enhancing the V-line face shape, cheek fat removal surgery plays a significant role in enhancing facial characteristics. Buccal fat removal surgery highlights facial features and reduces lower cheek fat, which typically distorts the V-line face form by making the midface broader. The cheek reduction surgery helps to define the cheekbone and provides the face a chiseled appearance. Because each person’s buccal fat pad varies in size, the excision of buccal fat is a highly customized surgery that addresses the patient’s personal worry about having full cheeks.

What transpires during a surgery to remove buccal fat?
You can have buccal fat removed at a hospital or in the office of your healthcare practitioner, and you can leave the same day.In the course of your process, you might anticipate

To make sure you don’t feel any discomfort, a local anesthetic will be administered to numb the skin on your face. The operation will take place while you are awake. You could be given general anesthesia if many procedures are being done simultaneously. If you choose to have general anesthesia, your doctor may ask you to make transportation arrangements for afterward.

To reveal the buccal fat pads, your plastic surgeon will make a tiny incision on the inside of your mouth on both sides of your face.

When the fat pads are fully exposed, your healthcare professional will gently push on them before cutting and removing them.

Your healthcare professional will then use sutures to seal the wounds. The sutures are frequently soluble. After your surgery, your provider will inform you if you need to return for suture removal.

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