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Facelift surgery sometimes referred to as rhytidectomy, is performed to reduce the appearance of ageing in the face and neck. Our surgeon Dr. Ashwani Kumar Singh, the top facelift surgeon always chooses the type of facelift treatment to be performed based on the quantity of loose skin and the depth of fold lines. We don’t provide our patients with blown-out faces or artificial outcomes. For the finest outcomes, we instead use their natural facial shapes.Dr. Ashwani Kumar Singh has done several face lift surgery with 100% sucess rate.

Do only women undergo facelifts and neck lifts?

A facelift/neck lift treatment may significantly improve the appearance of both men and women. Every patient of ours receives a personalized surgery from us that either makes a man or woman seem more manly with a stronger jawline or more refined and feminine.

Can any other technique be coupled with this one?

Yes, a lot of people who get a facelift or neck lift are also good candidates for subsequent treatments. The most popular add-on operations include laser therapy to reduce fine wrinkles around the lips and eyes, chin implants, fat grafting, and eyelifts (upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty).

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