Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Treatment in Greater Noida | Dr. Ashwani Kumar Singh
Breast Reduction Treatment in Greater Noida | Dr. Ashwani Kumar Singh

Breast reduction, also known as “Reduction Mammoplasty,” is a plastic surgery operation that involves the removal of extra fat, breast tissue, and skin. This technique lightens and shrinks the chest, relieving patients of the discomfort and issues connected with it.

Ideal Reduction Mammaplasty Candidates

  1. Patients who are uncomfortable with their physical appearance or are self-conscious about their excessive breast size are candidates.
  2. Women choose breast reduction surgery for a variety of practical and aesthetic reasons, including:
  3. Breasts that are sagging and pendulous.
  4. Chronic discomfort in the neck, shoulders, and back.
  5. Skin irritation and rashes develop as a result of frequent rubbing of the skin.
  6. Because of the bra strap, a deep shoulder groove persists.
  7. To reduce breast size in relation to body profile.

Breast reduction surgery treatments include vertical reduction, wise pattern, liposuction, and others. All of the strategies mentioned above produce good results. Regardless of the procedure used, all breast reduction operations entail a pattern-based skin incision to reach your breast tissue, followed by excision of extra fat, breast tissue, and skin. This reduces the overall size of the breast, giving it a more enhanced and proportional form. This surgery also reduces the size of the areola and repositions the nipple and areola.The strategy that is most suited to the patient is determined based on their demands and desired objectives.

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