Axillary or Accessory Breast in females

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Breast tissue can form in places other than the conventional breast site. If this occurs, Dr.Ashwani Kumar Singh can conduct one of two treatments to alleviate the problem.
Breast tissue is responsible for the form and size of your breasts. It can, however, sometimes spread beyond the natural placement of your breasts. It is most frequent in the armpit area (technically known as the axilla). Axillary breast tissue is seen in 2% to 6% of women, according to medical research.

You undoubtedly despise the appearance of your axillary breast tissue. When your arms are down, it might make the region seem lumpy and “meaty.” Because the tissue is thicker and more palpable, you may be able to feel it. It can be more bothersome before menstruation or during pregnancy because the axillary breast might enlarge and feel more sensitive (just like your breasts). Weight increase might exacerbate the appearance.

Surgery can safely remove your axillary breast tissue. This can be accomplished with liposuction if only a little repair is necessary, or through excision (removing tissue through incisions) if considerable correction is required. You will profit from surgery in the following ways: The removal of unwanted shapes in the underarm area enhanced arm movement and reduced discomfort caused by clothes.

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